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“Banh cuon trung” (rolled rice pancake with eggs) in Lang Son

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"Banh cuon trung" (rolled rice pancake with eggs) in Lang Son is much different from other kinds of "banh cuon" (rolled pancakes) in other places. "Banh cuon" in Sai Gon or Ha Noi are usually eaten with fish sauce or mingled sauce, but "banh cuon trung" in Land Son is dipped with a bowl of sauce of "thit kho" (braised pork).

"Banh cuon" in Lang Son is made on a huge pot whose diameter is around 40 centimetres. When a pancake is done to a turn, people remove the lid and put two eggs (left out the shells) on the pancake, at two sides. They put on the lid and wait a while until the white of eggs is fully done but the red yolk is just done to a turn at its outside part to prevent it from being broken. After that, the cook uses a bamboo chopstick to divide the pancake into two parts and cleverly roll the corners of each half of the pancake to cover a part of the pancake but not the whole. It looks nice and tasty when being displayed on dishes. We can put a little braised pork which has been scraped into slim threads of pork. The warm feeling comes when smoke - steam fumed from the hot pot. A bowl of sauce from braised pork with a greasy layer is brought to clients to dip "banh cuon" into.

Making pancake

Eating also needs learning; the forefathers have told. And it is right in the case of "banh cuon trung". If you are not careful and do not know how to enjoy in a right way, the red yolk of the eggs will be broken immediately. You cannot pick it up with chopsticks but have to eat with spoons slowly and carefully so that you will not break the eggs. The red yolk together with the greasy sauce and braised pork makes the dish very delicious and unforgettable.

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