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Pleiku prison

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Location: Pleiku prison ward, Dien Hong, Dist. Pleiku, Gia Lai province.

Characteristics: Pleiku prison where political prisoners held under the French, American (before 1975), many modern forms of torture and inhumane labor applied in this House.

Relics in central Pleiku, Gia Lai province to post about 300 meters to the south, possibly remnants by means of car, motorcycle or on foot.
In 1925, the French State for construction workers held Pleiku to common prisoners, mostly ethnic. In 1940 to the revolutionary movement of the people in the nation strong, the then French colonialists used this place to detain people who love the water. Tháng 6 / 1948 The cost of labor was established in Pleiku.

In the resistance war against American, American imperialism is still used as a place to house workers Pleiku detained political prisoners, many modern forms of torture and inhumane labor applied in this House, but the communist soldiers were The workers detained in this still maintaining the quality revolution, continue to participate in the movement in the cage, ...
On 03/15/1975, before burning the hero's exciting campaign Highlands, at 17h, in jail for political prisoners broke out of Pleiku and organize a department outskirts, we catch a military wing from Tra Ba junction on the same local troops liberated the town of Pleiku.
On 12/12/1994, the Ministry of Culture - Information Decision 321/QD-BT has historical workers: The labor Pleiku

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